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Unleashing Artistry: FusionDock Max 1 – Uplifting Your Video Creation Arsenal

Embarking on a deeper exploration of the FusionDock Max 1, we're set to unveil additional facets that render this docking station an indispensable asset for video creators. Let's delve into the assortment of ports and functionalities that distinguish the FusionDock Max 1 in a league of its own. 




Quad-Display Support: Transform Your Visual Canvas 

Embrace the revolutionary feature of quad-display support. With the FusionDock Max 1, connect up to four displays simultaneously via HDMI and USB-C ports. The dock supports up to three 6K 60@Hz displays and another 4K 60 Hz display running concurrently, furnishing the expanded screen real estate indispensable for heightened productivity. 


HDMI 2.0 Extravaganza 

For connoisseurs of high-quality visuals, the FusionDock Max 1 delivers excellence. Equipped with 2x HDMI 2.0 ports, relish in sharp and vibrant 4K displays, providing the clarity and precision imperative for meticulous video editing. 




Audio Mastery - A Harmony of Sound 

Advanced Audio Proficiencies 

Catering to the audiophile within, the FusionDock Max 1 presents a TOSLINK optical audio interface and two 3.5mm ports. Immerse your audience in a captivating audiovisual journey that perfectly complements your video masterpieces.





Power and Connectivity - A Deeper Insight 

Cutting-edge Connectivity Ports 

The FusionDock Max 1 stands as a juggernaut in the realm of connectivity. Boasting 2x 40Gbps USB-C Upstream and 4x 40Gbps USB-C Downstream ports, this docking station guarantees lightning-fast data transfer among your devices. Bid farewell to delays and usher in efficiency as you seamlessly link and collaborate with your creative instruments.




A Visionary Approach 

What truly differentiates the FusionDock Max 1 is its visionary stance on connectivity. The 40Gbps USB-C ports not only facilitate seamless data transfer but also elevate the visual spectacle with support for breathtaking 6K displays. Wave goodbye to conventional video output constraints and welcome a new dimension of clarity and precision. 



Comprehensive Ports for Versatile Creativity 

Varied USB Ports 

The FusionDock Max 1 transcends mere speed; it also offers 5x 10Gbps USB-A ports, accommodating a plethora of peripherals vital for your video creation process. From external storage devices to input tools, the possibilities are boundless.  



Rapid Networking 

In the universe of video creation, a stable and swift network connection is non-negotiable. The FusionDock Max 1 features 2.5Gb Ethernet, ensuring that your data transfers are not only swift but also dependable, facilitating smooth collaboration and online content sharing. 




Enhanced Security and User-Friendly Features 

Security and Convenience 

Security stands paramount, and the FusionDock Max 1 acknowledges this. Featuring a security slot, it keeps your valuable equipment safe and secure. The DC input barrel jack ensures a stable power supply, guaranteeing an uninterrupted creative process. 



Bringing It All Together - FusionDock Max 1 

In summation, the FusionDock Max 1 transcends the status of a mere docking station; it emerges as a comprehensive solution meticulously crafted to elevate your video creation experience. The amalgamation of lightning-fast connectivity, advanced audio capabilities, and security features positions the FusionDock Max 1 as a trailblazer in the realm of video production. 


Upgrade your video creation setup with the FusionDock Max 1 and embrace a new era of efficiency and creativity. Your masterpiece deserves nothing less. 

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