3 Vlogging Tips For Beginners: Essential Gear And Cables

Andy Warhol once made this statement that “anyone can be world-famous for 15 minutes”, which later turned to be the concept of “15minutes of fame”. While there is no evidence that Warhol really said this, it’s true that anyone seems to have the opportunity to become an internet celebrity nowadays.

Thanks to the prosperity of social media, people can build their own brand online. More and more people live their life as digital creator or streamer. Fan-base is their biggest value.

For these people, their daily work is to produce would-be-popular content. “To do a good job, one must first sharpen one’s tool”. If you are determined to make your way into this field, you need vlogging gear. A smartphone or camera maybe the least you need. But to become a professional vlogger, you need more than that.

Here are some tips for beginners to follow to equip essential gear and cables.

Tip 1: Sound is as equal important as picture, you need microphone to be heard clearer

People will drive nuts if they cannot hear what you say in your vlog. That’s why vloggers need to ensure their voice is captured in isolation from background noise. A microphone attached to their SLR is a perfect solution.

You can use 3.5mm AUX cable to connect microphone to SLR, smartphone or laptop. Fortunately, iVANKY also has audio cable selection at your convenience.

Our 3.5 mm AUX cable features pure copper shell, which reduces more signal loss than the aluminum shell and enhances quality of sound.

Tip 2: Build the workstation that helps you edit content for better performance

You edit video on laptop, for most vloggers, on your MacBook Air, probably. However, I suggest you connect PC monitor to your Apple laptop if you don’t have to edit video in public places. Connecting to other displays significantly expand your screen space, which would help to maximize your productivity, and edit better clips.

To build your vlogging workstation, you need iVANKY Dual USB-C Docking Station, which is dedicatedly designed for Apple devices. MacBook Users, you don't need to install any drivers on your cherish laotops, just plug in, that easy. Before choosing it, you might need to check if you have two USB-C ports along side on your laptop. If yes, then you can move forward to the next paragraph.

With 2 HDMI ports, iVANKY allows two 4K monitors working under extended mode and reach 60Hz, as powerful as Thunderbolt 3 Docking (if you don't know what it is, I might tell you that it's a "Performance Monster"). You only need two normally 4K HDMI cables and you can achieve 4k@60Hz on your extended two displays, no need to choose "active cable", well, that's good, but you don't need it. Just the simplest 4K HDMI cable.

Plus, iVANKY Dual USB-C docking station can power up your laptop with 96W when in use, saving worries for drawing power. Besides, one USB port allows 18w PD charging for smartphone, keeping you click away and type while in use.
Oh, forget to mention it's 12 ports. I'll bet that's all for your need: 2* HDMI, 4*USB-A, SD, TF, USB-C, RJ45, etc. Anything else for vloggers?

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Tip 3: Or you just need the bigger screen

You might only need the bigger screen to do the edit job, which is also reasonable. That's where durable cables play. HDMI cable is most widely used and can support 1080P monitor. You can easily find the right one in iVANKY. We have HDMI cable of 6 different lengths and offer 54-month warranty. No worry to place your order.

You can find details of our HDMI cable here. It is rated 4.7 on Amazon and has received more than 10K good reviews. Our HDMI cable is the flagship product and your best choice.

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Vlog gear is all about helping you shoot video with good quality and show it to people properly. For beginners, basic vlog gear is all you need, including microphone, camera and computer. Don’t forget that you also need cables to put them together for producing great vlog. iVANKY is your one-stop shop for all cables. With proven quality and reasonable price, iVANKY cables take care of all you need. 

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