To Be More Productive In Digital Age: 3 Things You Should Do

We are overloaded by information everyday: Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created on the internet every single day, according to DOMO’s report in 2018. This may sound crazy, because you would have almost 15 100TB hard drive in full storage, and 100TB is the world’s biggest storage for SSD.

Information overload may not be a problem because computer process it for us. We open piles of windows in browser, devour the information in abundance. Despite the help of computer, we still find these opened windows quite annoying. They squeeze into computer screen, making it difficult to see them simultaneously and slow down our work.

During the day when time is scarcer than money, getting more productive means making more value. How are we going to be ‘rich’ in this digital age? Here are three suggestions for you.  

1) Expand screen space by connecting laptop to external monitor

Laptop is perfect for taking out, but at the cost of limited screen space. The maximum laptop screen is 17’’, and will easily get cramped when more than two windows is displayed. It’s getting even worse when you need to keep two windows opening at the same time while they operate separately.

Imagine this: you are a writer. Your work on your new article while searching for source material. If you do it on single screen, you have to alternate between tabs. It kills productivity, not to mention cause errors. 

Dual-monitor setup is quite common among people who spend most time working on computer, such as coders, graphic designers. It allows them to do two things simultaneously, big boost to productivity. No wonder a New York Time’s report has proven that dual monitors can increase productivity by 20-30 percent. 

You must be ready to get your dual-monitor setup. It is pretty easy. All you need is to find the right cable to work with the video ports on your gear. Today, HDMI and DP ports are widely built on all video transmitters and receivers. Among many versions that exist as technology is upgrading. HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2 are the mainstream. In this case, iVANKY HDMI 2.0 cable or DP 1.2 cable is your right choice. They are the top-star products in iVANKY families. 

2) Moving files fast by embracing Thunderbolt technology

We are familiar with USB drive. By inserting it into USB port on computer, you can move files to computer hard drive.

It’s worth mentioning that the most common USB port is actually USB-A port. It supports data transfer at a speed of 5Gbps, which means you can finish moving a 1G movie within 3 seconds.

Sounds super fast, isn’t it? Not enough, Thunderbolt technology greatly increase transfer speed to 40Gbps at maximum, with Thunderbolt 3.

Nowadays an increasing number of laptops have Thunderbolt 3 port, giving users ultra-fast transmission experience. If you desire "transfer at blink", don’t hesitate to equip yourself with Thunderbolt 3-enabled device.

Given that Thunderbolt 3 takes on USB-C port, you need USB-C cable with specified note that it supports Thunderbolt. At iVANKY, we offer a collection of USB-C cables that work with other video ports, some of them compatible with Thunderbolt. Welcome to explore in iVANKY USB-C world.

3) Spread your work across multiple screens by using MST technology

Multi-Stream Transport (MST) technology takes the form of DisplayPort port. which allows you to connect a series of monitors to a host. It is one of the features of DisplayPort Standard.

MST technology helps you spread picture of one screen to other screens connected. In other words, you get a widescreen monitor that display picture in bigger size.

The benefit of spreading picture to other screens is that it gives you a good chance to boost productivity. For example, more columns of spreadsheet will be displayed on screen, saving you time to swipe left and right; For designers, their picture can be shown in bigger size so they can retouch them in detail.

How to connect these monitors? Following these steps:

  • Find MST-enabled monitor has DP-in and DP-out port
  • Connect the monitor to host via DP-in port
  • Connect the monitor to the second monitor via DP-out port
  • Change setting to extended mode

Never forget to choose the right cable for your setup. MST works on DP port and Thunderbolt port and you need to pick up DP cable or Thunderbolt cable to get your ‘widescreen’ working. To save your effort, visit iVANKY store and your dream cable is ready for you.


Nielsen Company found that person in the United States spends on average approximately 10 hours and 39 minutes each day on internet in 2018. With so many hours spend in front of screen, it is really important to build a comfortable workspace to boost productivity. 

To have a nice dual-monitors setup, you do need cables for connection. iVANKY is your destination. You can find all kinds of video cables here. Head to our Amazon store to get the cable you need!

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