Why's Redline Here?

Since the first day of iVANKY, we've always adhered to the original intention of "making products that will change the world." We've spent all the time to improve the product performance. So far, we've achieved good results and gained the recognition of many consumers. Some of our HDMI/DP cables have become the star items, consistently ranking among the top three in the category throughout the year on Amazon, providing a steady stream of impetus for the overall development of iVANKY. Until now, iVANKY has served more than 5 million consumers, covering all corners of the world.

In 2021, we had our breakthrough brand positioning with the concept of One Step Ahead, and proposed a unique brand personality. We want to achieve a unified image transmission across all the touch points of the brand, and truly understand our customers better than they do themselves. Standing in the new stage of development, we would like to take this opportunity to complete the major project of uniform appearance design.

We used the iVANKY theme color red, and tried to weaken its warning/attack meaning by lowering its saturation. We took one more step in the production process and designed the redline appearance logo. After the plan was designed, we sent a questionnaire to all iVANKY friends to ask their opinions on the new design plan, and received extremely positive feedback. Therefore, the design of the redline has been determined and will be applied to future cable products, making redline a unique existence for iVANKY.

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