FusionDock Max 1

Audio Troubleshooting Guide

Solve your FusionDock Max 1 audio issues with our targeted guide. Optimized for Apple silicon MacBook users, our guide provides effective, straightforward solutions to enhance your audio experience with the FusionDock Max 1.

Last updated: Jan 2024

1. No Sound from 3.5mm Audio Port

a. Check Wiring and Connections

Step 1: Restart your Mac and ensure that both ends of the docking station's power cord and the audio cable are correctly and securely connected.

Step 2: Reconnect the docking station to your MacBook. If necessary, flip the dual USB-C cable on the Mac side before reconnection.

Step 3: After connecting the 3.5mm audio port, wait 20 seconds before use.

Step 4: Unplug the DC cable, wait for 30 seconds, then reconnect the DC cable.

Step 5: Ensure the 3.5mm audio port on the docking station is clean and free of debris. Use compressed air for cleaning, if required.

Step 6: Verify that the 3.5mm audio cable connected to the docking station is functioning correctly, if possible.

b. Check Sound Settings

Step 1: For troubleshooting, disconnect all devices from the docking station, except the audio cable, mouse, and keyboard.

Step 2: Open the Apple menu, select "System Settings," and then choose "Sound."

Step 3: In the "Sound" settings, click on the "Output" tab and select your external speakers or headphones connected to the audio cable. If the built-in speaker option is not visible in the "Output" tab, contact iVANKY customer support.

Step 4: Increase the "Output Volume" if it is set low by moving the slider to the right, then retest.

Step 5: If the "Mute" option is checked, uncheck it and retest.

c. Port Alternation

Step 1: Alternate the connection between port 1 and port 17.

Step 2: Allow a minute for the system to recognize the change.

Step 3: If the issue persists, please provide detailed information to our customer support. This should include the specific macOS version on your MacBook, the model of your audio device, and the exact model and specifications of your MacBook, including its year.

Feedback Template:

Port 1 not working

MacBook Model: MacBook Pro 14 M2 Max, 2023

macOS Version: Ventura 13.3.1

Audio Device Model: [Insert Model Here]

2. 3.5mm Port Not Receiving Sound

Step 1: Ensure the cable is securely connected and the LED indicator on the docking station is lit.

Step 2: Connect the microphone to port 17.

Step 3: If feasible, test another device to determine if the issue is with the port.

Step 4: If these steps do not resolve the issue, please contact our customer support with detailed information. Include the specific macOS version installed on your MacBook, the exact port experiencing issues, and your MacBook's precise model, year, and specifications.

Feedback Template:

Port 17 not working

MacBook Model: MacBook Pro 14 M2 Max, 2023

macOS Version: Ventura 13.3.1

Audio Device Model: [Insert Model Here]