iVANKY Gaming Dock 
6-in-1 VCA23
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Ethernet not working

After the OS is upgraded, you need to manually enter the desktop mode and connect the wired network. Turn off Wi-Fi, or set the wired connection priority.

The screen of my handheld gaming console goes black with an external display

When connecting your handheld gaming console (e.g. ROG Ally) to an external display, please note that by default, the external screen might be the only one displaying. If you'd like both your gaming device and the external screen to remain active, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your system's desktop.
2. Connect a mouse to your gaming device.
3. Right-click to access the display settings.
4. Choose between "Duplicate" to mirror the content on both screens or "Extend" to expand your display across both screens.

The TV doesn't detect soundbars and turns off HDMI-CEC

Navigate to Settings on your handheld gaming console, click Audio ➡️ Output, then click "External Devices", and the audio can be transmitted to your TV. 

The audio output on the gaming dock station has no sound

1. Reset the Docking Station: Power down the docking station, disconnect it for a couple of minutes, and then reconnect it. Sometimes a reset can help clear any temporary issues.

2. Update Firmware: Ensure that your Steam Deck is updated with the latest firmware as this can often resolve compatibility issues with external devices.

The HDMI connection between the gaming dock and the external monitor frequently loses signal, making it unusable

1. Check the HDMI Cable: Sometimes a faulty HDMI cable can lead to signal disruptions. If you have a spare HDMI cable, please try swapping it to see if the issue persists.

2. Check Power Source: Ensure the dock is securely connected to a stable power source.