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Descarga del software de detección de resolución del monitor

Quizás se pregunte por qué no se puede lograr 4K a 60 hz con el cable iVANKY.
¿Es iVANKY propaganda falsa?
En realidad no, el televisor tiene su propio temperamento.
Diferente Los televisores admiten diferentes resoluciones.
Descarga el siguiente software para comprobarlo.
Descárgalo aquí.

2 comentarios

  • Hello Kristi,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We take your concerns seriously and will work to ensure your concerns are dealt with to your full satisfaction.

    We are much appreciated if you could try the following tips:

    1. Reboot your tablet/laptop while keeping the connection.

    2. Please follow this sequence strictly. Turn on your TV → Select HDMI Channel in your TV (‘Signal Source’ → ‘HDMI Mode’) → Turn on your PC.

    3. Please ensure the HDMI cables are working properly.

    If the tips above failed to help, please contact us at with your order ID.

    Best regards,
    iVANKY Support Team

    iVANKY Support
  • My LG Monitor won’t connect. I am using a MacBookProM1 2021 with the Ivanky Model VCd05 docking station. Works great at home with two LG monitors but not in my office. Suggestions?


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