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16K DisplayPort 2.0 Cable

16K DisplayPort 2.0 Cable

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  • Futuristic 16K Video: This DisplayPort 2.0 cable handles a hefty 15,360×8,460 resolution (16K) with HDR at 60Hzwhich provides breathtaking details.  
  • Top-End GamingSupporting a mind-blowing 144Hz refresh rate under 4K (7,680×4,320) resolution and 4:4:4 color HDR without the need for compressionthis is the perfect cable for gamers who may be pushing the limits of DP 1.4. 
  • Ultra-High Bandwidth: This DP 2.0 cable features an unprecedented bandwidth of 80Gbps, nearly three times what was available in the previous DP 1.4, providing stable and super high-speed transmission without signal loss. 
  • Future ProofThe Cable is an indispensable companion for your shiny new computers and high-end monitors. Backwards compatibility makes it suitable for DisplayPort 1.2/1.4 devices.  
  • Built to Last: All-new cotton-weaving jacket combines a sturdy aluminum alloy shell and 24K gold-plated connectors to provide unbelievable durability for long-term use.  


Invincible at soaring speed.

Conquer your enemies with ultra-smooth action. 165Hz refresh rate eliminates lag and motion blur to give you an upper hand in gaming.


See what you’ve been missing.

Experience the mind-blowing clarity of 16K resolution. HDR and 3D effect help you see greater detail and fully immerse into the battlefield.


More bandwidth, more wins.

With an unprecedented bandwidth of 80Gbps, it’s the fastest connection you’ve ever got. Get more wins with this DisplayPort 2.0 cable.


Designed to last.

All-new cotton weaving jacket combines a sturdy aluminum alloy shell and 24K gold-plated connectors ensures long-lasting performance.