FusionDock Max 1: Customized for Apple Ecosystem

FusionDock Max 1: Customized for Apple Ecosystem

April 12, 2024

 The abundance of Apple electronic devices, including MacBook, iPhone, and iPad, presents a diverse selection; however, locating suitable docking stations tailored for Apple products can prove challenging. 

iVANKY emerges as a notable brand dedicated to crafting hubs and docking stations compatible with Apple devices. In light of this, iVANKY has brought its specially designed high-end docking station for Apple enthusiast - FusionDock Max 1. 

MacBook OS Compatibility

Before integrating the Apple-centric docking station into your setup, a primary consideration inevitably revolves around its operating system requisites. Tailored exclusively for Apple products, the FusionDock Max 1 extends support to macOS 11.5 and later iterations. It is imperative to verify that the operating system of your relevant Apple devices aligns with these standards before utilization. 

The Apple-Conforming Ports & Slots

Functioning as a versatile 20-in-1 apparatus, the FusionDock Max 1 boasts an assortment of interfaces meticulously crafted to accommodate a wide array of Apple devices. Presented below are the intricate specifications of its connectors & apertures.

Data Transmission

The FusionDock Max 1 surpasses mere velocity; it furnishes 6x Upstream & Downstream 40Gbps USB-C ports, 2x 10Gbps USB-C ports, and 5x 10Gbps USB-A ports, catering to an extensive range of peripherals crucial for your Apple-centric workflow. From external storage devices to input peripherals, the possibilities are boundless. 

Supersonic Charging

Each USB port on the FusionDock Max 1 is primed for charging, delivering power ranging from 7.5W to an astounding 96W. This facilitates swift recharging of all your Apple devices, from the modest iPhone to the formidable MacBook, in a fraction of the time. 

High-Speed Networking

A steadfast and rapid network connection holds paramount importance for computer users, including patrons of Apple products. The FusionDock Max 1 features 2.5Gb Ethernet, ensuring that data transfers transpire swiftly and reliably, fostering seamless collaboration and online content dissemination when utilizing Apple devices.

SD/TF Card Slots

The front-facing UHS-II (SD4.0) SD/TF card slots offer transmission speeds of up to 312MB/s. Simultaneous usage of dual card slots is supported, with backward compatibility extended to SDXC, SDHC, and standard SD/TF cards. 

Video & Audio Interfaces

Amidst an assortment of HDMI interfaces, the FusionDock Max 1's Downstream USB-C ports exhibit versatility, facilitating not only video output but also endorsing resolutions of up to 6K@60Hz. Concurrently, its pair of 3.5mm ports furnish ample connectivity for audio peripherals such as Apple earphones. Embark on an expedition into the realm of Apple's resplendent audio-visual extravaganza.

Seize the Moment!

Now, with your primary device tethered to the FusionDock Max 1, seamless access to an array of peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, stereo speakers, external hard drive, and expansive monitor is effortlessly realized, obviating the need for individual connections to your Apple computer. Immerse yourself in the sphere of ultra-connectivity with Apple devices, a reality accessible to you at this precise moment!

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